AISFA rucksack ladies handbag rucksack handbag waterproof adult rucksack


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  • Outer material: Artificial leather
  • Strap type: 3 way
  • [Soft leather] Uses a high-density oxford that repels everyday water and removes dirt quickly, and has a beautiful natural luster. In addition, the calm texture of leather is decorated to give it a sense of elegance. [Size] "Height 30 * Width 30 * Machi 17" The best size that was discovered through repeated adjustments is an adult that expresses comfortable usability. It is a backpack with a design like that.
  • [Countermeasures against pickpockets] According to the questionnaire, 40% of women have been stolen, so it is difficult to steal and it is easy to use and only the back main pocket can be opened. The design has been made to greatly improve crime prevention.
  • [Practical bag] The main pocket and accessory pocket are reasonably equipped. It can be stored separately in ipads, smartphones, water bottles, wallets, folding umbrellas, cosmetics, hair bands, notebooks, etc., and can hold plenty of keys and other small items. Organize things neatly. It can be used as a 3way backpack or as a shoulder bag.
  • [Size] "Height 30 * Width 30 * Machi 15" The best size feeling found by repeated adjustments is an adult who expresses comfortable usability. It is a backpack with a similar design, and weighs about 0.6 kg.
  • [Caution for counterfeiting] This product is a completely original product of his AISFA and BFLYING, which is planned and manufactured by AISFA and sold by AISFA and BFLYING. Therefore, in order to prevent the sale of counterfeit products, he is not a wholesaler to any dealer other than AISFA and BFLYING, and it is absolutely possible that other dealers can own and sell his AISFA related products in stock. plug. In particular, the number of voices saying that it was a fake purchase from a new seller in China has increased significantly, and as a result, a different item has arrived ☆ 1 Reviews are increasing. Please make sure the seller is his AISFA and BFLYING before adding to the cart. You can check the mark registration information here. Trademark registration number: Registration No. 6118585 number

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AISFA rucksack ladies handbag rucksack handbag waterproof adult rucksack