AISFA Bath Towel Microfiber 120X60-5cm 75X35-5cm

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Size: 120cm*60cm

  • 120cm*60cm
  • 75cm*35cm
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  • [Set of 5 bath towels] Material: Microfiber. Size: Approximately 60CM x 120CM, large format, you can wipe the whole body. Bath towel weight: Approximately 220g, assortment 5 colors 5 sheets set, you can keep the softness even if you wash it repeatedly.
  • [Superior quality] Pure natural material, gentle and soft to the touch. No fluorescent dye is used for a gentle finish. In addition to the fashionable and cute design, the towels have passed strict examinations, so babies and children can use them with confidence. Dyeing fastness reaches 4th grade, there is no color transfer or fluffing, it does not deform no matter how many times it is washed, and it is an ultra-long-lasting type. However, our towels are highly breathable, and the natural ingredients are antibacterial and safe, so they can be used for a long time.
  • [Towel with excellent absorbency] Made of microfiber, it boasts four times the water absorption of cotton. It absorbs water just by pressing it, so you can dry your body and hair quickly. Since it can be dried evenly from the root to the tip of the hair, the drying time can be shortened.
  • [Soft to the touch] Soft, fluffy texture, longer hair legs than ordinary bath towels, and smooth to the touch. Using high-quality yarn with a fine count, delicate softness is created and fluff does not fall off. Make it more pure every time you touch your skin. Not only can it dry quickly, but AISFA's products are also gentle on the hair and skin. It has a cut pile finish, and the surface is smooth and does not get caught. Nature, health, pollution-free, soft and smooth to the touch on hair and skin, adults and children can feel as if they are in the bosom of nature.
  • [Versatile] You can use not only your home but also hot springs, travel, and pools. Great for various occasions such as after taking a bath, gym, beauty treatment salon, and swimming pool. Not only for your own use, but also suitable for bosses, colleagues, customer thanks, friend celebrations, wedding gifts, filial piety, holiday gifts

120cm*60cm, 75cm*35cm

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