AISFA Foldable Portable Computer Desk USB Charging Table Compu


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  • Product specifications Size: Length: 60 cm Depth: 40 cm Height: 29 cm Folding thickness: Approximately 5 CM. The weight is 2.5 kg. Color: Black. In this product, the table plate is made of HDF and the table legs are made of aluminum alloy. The surface of the table is painted with PVC leather. This material is scratch and heat resistant, has excellent water resistance and is easy to cleanse, and can be cleaned with just a towel or tissue.
  • Tips: On the left side of the table, there is a drawer where you can put your smartphone, pencil, etc. In addition, the table also has a place to put your iphone or cup, which is easy to use and saves space. The table is foldable, so you can store it in the gap when not in use and use it as soon as you start using it. This is a portable computer desk.
  • Folding table fan, table rambu: This table has more USB function than the previous folding table and can do various things yesterday. For example, in the hot summer, the fan gets cool; at night, when working, it may disturb family and friends, so the Rambu you have can solve your problem and adjust the direction. It is a gentle work because it can be done.
  • Ergonomic "This product has an ergonomic design with a concave table plate and a sloping wrist rest. The gentle curve reduces the strain on your arm, so you can use your computer comfortably for a long time. You can also place your tablet or smartphone more conveniently. It is easy on the eyes because it is far from the display.
  • High stability and non-slip design: U-shaped decoration on the table legs, 4 protective pads on the edge of the table legs. These protective pads are stable, non-slip and can prevent friction with the ground. The edges of the tableboard are artificially piped to prevent hand injuries. It can be used with confidence even by families with children.
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AISFA Foldable Portable Computer Desk USB Charging Table Compu