AISFA Men's Fashion Business Waterproof Backpack


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  • Water resistant
  • Fastener type: zipper
  • ■ Simple design ■ Simple design and basic color variations make it a product that is attracting attention from people of all ages, regardless of gender or age!
  • [Size] Length 48cm * 30cm * 17cm. It weighs only 0.5 kg and is convenient to carry. , Full of pockets makes it easy to keep things organized in the bag. Popular and fashionable rucksacks Popular and fashionable luxury simple rucksacks are finally here! It matches not only casual styles but also various styles
  • A large backpack contains 2-3 sets of clothes, 6-7 magazines (including some electronic products, umbrellas, notebooks, etc.) Can be stored. It also includes front and side pockets. The front pocket can hold some personal belongings, and the side pockets with small items such as his water cup and umbrella are very convenient for daily life such as short trips and can be used for business trips.
  • The shoulder strap has a spacious and thick design that can reduce the pressure on the human body by two-thirds. Breathable rebound shoulder straps provide a comfortable feel on your back and shoulders, providing effortless protection for your shoulders, neck and cervical spine.
  • We make every effort to ensure quality and inspection, but if there are any defects or defects, we will respond.

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